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Phone: +1 215-913-8659
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Total reviews rating 4.2

21 Reviews for Brownstone Apartments 2023:

Review №1


Hands down this is and has been our favorite place to live. Our apartment has been well maintained. Brownstone Apartments and their Property Manager Ivin Williams are a breath of fresh air. Ivin has always been on top of things when it comes to making sure any and all repairs are done. He is fair, kind hearted and will go out of his way to help you with anything he is able to help with. It is my husband and my pleasure living at this property. Rent is not overpriced. The building is and has always been well maintained and safe. If you are looking for a fair and reasonable rental company and a GREAT property manager, look no further, you found them in Ivin Williams and Brownstone Apartments.

Review №2


I have been with brownstone for 9 years. It was a pleasure to rent from them and Ivan and Justin was a pleasure to work with. I no longer rent from them because I just brought the house I was renting from them. Home ownership is great.

Review №3


My name is Tiffany and I have been with them for about 13 years and hands down this a great company to be with I have not had a problem at all in all my years. I want to move but I only want to move to another place under them. I’m scared to go to another place because Irvin has been to good to me and my family over the years. I tell people all the time about this place.. I love it and looking forward to many more years with them.. Forget what people say Irvin is the best he have a great attitude never mad and always there to help. Thank You all for all the service that was giving to me in my good and bad times. Tiffany

Review №4


I rented from Brownstone Apartments for 8 years or more. They were very fair and fast when it came to fixing anything that I needed done. The manager Ivin was very professional and fair when it came to my rent being increased. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Review №5


I lived in a house managed by Brownstone Apartments for 6 years. My property manager was Ivin. Ive had plenty of landlord experiences before, and Ivin was one of the best. When something needed to be fixed, it got done. One time I locked myself out, fortunately he was close enough to be right there. Times I was late on rent, all he said was just communicate, and we will work with you. As long as I held up my end, thats exactly what he did. They rent increase over the years was way more fair then I expected, given all the newly developed properties in the area. Ivin is a stand up guy and a man of his word. Because he was my main point of contact at Brownstone, I would say I know he is not the business, but an extremely valuable asset to the Brownstone Apartments brand. These guys were fair, ontime, and considerate. Would definitely recommend them to everyone I know!

Review №6


Awesome! No complaints! Definitely recommend! They take care of their tenants. Ivin the property manager was very helpful and easy to talk to.

Review №7


I just moved out of a Brownstone Management property after residing there for 7 years. My desire to move had nothing to do with the company but more with the neighborhood changing over time. It was a pleasure to work with Ivin over the years and I appreciate his responsiveness with regard to any necessary repairs when they would arise. The company was fair with rent prices and rent increases and I would honestly rent from them again without hesitation. They changed my outlook on stereotypical landlords by being the complete opposite and actually operating with care, professionalism and integrity. All praises go to Ivin honestly for representing this company in such a positive manner. You’ll be missed Ivin!

Review №8


I lived in a property managed by Brownstone Apartments for 4 years. Our property manager, Ivin, was a pleasure to work with. He was interpersonally delightful, responsive, collaborative, and always went out of his way to make sure our needs as tenants were met. Upon move-out, Ivin was flexible and worked with us to find a move out date that worked for all tenants. Within 30 days of our move-out date, our security deposit was returned in full. I would highly recommend renting from Ivin and the Brownstone Apartments team.

Review №9


I had the same experience as the previous tenant (Ashley). The place looks nice on the surface but very poorly insultated and rehabbed. There were some issues with the structure of the property as there was a large dip in the floor. The electricity was rigged which caused my bill to be more than the rent. Ivin bad mouthed me to the downstairs tenant and made up lies about why I moved. In addition, he spoke to me in ways that were concerning. However, I will say they were very attentive with fixing things minus the time a raccoon died between the walls leaving a horrible smell and that dip in the living room floor.

Review №10


Please be ware the property manager is horrible do not rent from them!!! The property manager will find all types of ways to keep your security deposit no matter how well you clean the apartment when you leave it doesnt matter Ivin will say it was stuff behind the stove or other foolishness to keep your money and then tell you u owe them.and if anything goes wrong in the unit the will try to make you pay for it. The properties are poorly insulated and will cause your electric bill to be sky high. The property manager Ivin, will talk to you in any kind of way especially if you a female. Im for certain that I am not the only who has had this experience with them so save your self the headache and time do not rent from them complete slum lords from hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!