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Phone: +1 484-480-4505
Site: https://locations.dunkindonuts.c...
Opening hours
  • Monday:4:30AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:4:30AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:4:30AM–8PM
  • Thursday:4:30AM–8PM
  • Friday:4:30AM–8PM
  • Saturday:5AM–7PM
  • Sunday:5AM–7PM
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Total reviews rating 4.1

31 Reviews for Dunkin 2023:

Review №1


Everything is hit or miss these days but this is gross. I asked my son why he didnt eat the last one of his pancake minis and he said theres a bite mark in it. What?!? Sure enough there are burn marks around an obvious bite, like it was taste tested - which is totally fine - but then put back on the griddle and then in the pile to give to customers. Totally NOT fine. This place backs up into the street and you have angry people coming in via the exit to park. Ill stick to another location for now. Theyve never had burn marks before like it was cooked twice like this one had.

Review №2


The staff here is nothing short of amazing! I always do mobile ordering but it’s as if the girls recognize my name and remember me. If you’re reading this, I want you to thank you for all that you do and putting a smile on my face with a single munchkin. Thank you!

Review №3


Have not had a problem here, I use mobile ordering and rarely have to wait once I get there. The only thing is that often on the weekend they lock the store and everyone has to go through the drive-thru, which is a drag since I order ahead, just a minor inconvenience.

Review №4


Gimme your money and go attitude 😤 No good along with coffee is not signature Dunkin Donuts... Definitely not going back there. Gonna go up the street to the other Location!

Review №5


I was probably waiting there for like 10 minutes no one came to get me and my dads orders me and my dad got our drinks. But this young girl got our orders wrong and every time we go there its the same girl that keeps getting it wrong

Review №6


Still the same as I remember. Donuts are a little smaller and the coffee is a more expensive now. But thats everything in Brandons world.

Review №7


So I went there only twice but it was really nice. The cashier some how remembered how I liked my hot chocolate and asked would I like it the same way. Made me feel like an important customer. I wish I got her name so I could give her props.

Review №8


Always great drive through serivice with a smile

Review №9


Love the munchkins, but I was standing there to get waited on, only customer, and no one was asking for my order. Was getting ready to walk out when a young girl came finally waited on me.

Review №10


My husband and I were excited to try this Dunkin’ especially because they had a drive thru (we have 3 kids). We ordered two drinks. One was an oat latte and my husband got a caramel macchiato. The oat latte tasted burnt. I don’t know what brand oat milk they use, but it made the drink taste horrible. I was surprised with it being their featured drink. My husband was satisfied with his drink. We also ordered 2 blueberry muffins, but the inside of the blueberry muffins were under cooked and had gooey batter in the middle. Our kids had 2 hot chocolates and 2 funfetty donuts which they enjoyed. When we got to the window to get our order they asked what we had ordered. We explained again. The owner had jumped in because it seemed like there system wasnt working right. He handed us a random order that was not even ours and then took it back. Under the circumstances with COVID-19, I pray they didnt give it to the next person in line and remade it. It not very considerate under the circumstances of COVID to just hand random orders into cars, if you are not sure, if it is theirs or not. I know this place is new and they are trying to find their rhythm, but we were not impressed. I am definitely gonna give them another chance, but our first impression was not good.

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