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Phone: +1 215-295-8313
Site: https://de-lorenzos-pizza.busine...
Opening hours
  • Monday:10:30AM–9:30PM
  • Tuesday:10:30AM–9:30PM
  • Wednesday:10:30AM–9:30PM
  • Thursday:10:30AM–9:30PM
  • Friday:10:30AM–9:30PM
  • Saturday:10:30AM–9:30PM
  • Sunday:10:30AM–9:30PM
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Total reviews rating 4.5

199 Reviews for De Lorenzos Pizza 2023:

Review №1


If youre looking for huge portions and classic Italian dishes this is a great choice. I tried the chicken Parm sandwich because somebody said its the best from here. I thought it was pretty good but I havent tried a lot of chicken parm sandwhiches. It couldve been a little warmer. The veal parm is huge! This is enough for like 3 meals. Its pretty good but I think they give you too much pasta. I like it when they showcase the meat over cheap carbs. Also got a BBQ chicken pizza. This was a unique pie. Ive never seen a shop do it like this and I really liked it. There was a ton of chicken! If you like a lot of toppings and less sauce and cheese this is your pizza spot. The only complaint is that the toppings came off pretty easily. Reheating it the next day fixed that and this is easily one of my top places for a BBQ chicken slice. The cheese fries were also good. If your really hungry this is a spot where you can fix that and still leave with leftovers!1/26 update - Have also tried their chicken Parm pizza one night for takeout. This thing also comes loaded! Tons of chicken on the pizza. This place does not skimp out on toppings.

Review №2


This place is not affiliated with the burg. Not a big fan of the pizza here but the food besides pizza is good and enough for a meal the next day. Vodka rigatoni with breaded chicken is my go to.

Review №3


Friends have been raving about their chicken deluxe pizza. A special slice pie they make only on certain days. They were not wrong it was amazing. Loaded with chicken,tomatoes and God knows what else but one of the best things Ive eaten at a pizza place. I will be taken my family back to try this place for dinner.

Review №4


Great Italian foods are served here. Their chicken and veal parmesan dishes are fantastic. Great pizza and steak sandwiches as well. One of my favorites has to be the grilled chicken Caesar salad. I have never been disappointed in over 5 years.

Review №5


Great food, generous portions ( I had 4 cutlets on my veal parm and a mountain of pasta) and the house salad is simple but delicious. If youre looking for fancy decor, look elsewhere, but for quality and value you cant beat it. Cant wait to try some of the other options!

Review №6


I went there Saturday night for dinner , I ordered the Baked Ziti it was a lot of cheese and very little sauce which made it dry. I have ordered that there before and it was always good. My husband ordered a chicken parmigiana sandwich, the roll was cooked to long he couldn’t bite into it. I been there a few times and everything was always good , but not this time.

Review №7


If i could give this place a ZERO star i would. Today tomorrow and the next day all zero stars. The customer service IS HORRIBLE. which is sad because the food is good but why deal with the level of rudeness from all parties. even the manager! Whoever answers the phone to take orders needs to be FIRED. he has no manners, and doesnt give two damns about how he talks to you. I believe he might be the owner. and their delivery drivers asks you if your going to tip him as if someone is obligated. Telling everyone i know never to call here and order again.

Review №8


Always amazed at the amount of quality lunches and dinners that they offer. Ordered the chicken parm with angel hair now mind you I ordered the lunch platter at 9.95 was asked if I wanted the dinner platter , but said no cause its way too much for one person. Well the lunch platter I just finished off today. Three meals and ok some are gonna say yeah they give you alot ,but is it any good . Well the answer to that question yes it was delicious Fri. and it was even better on Sunday when I finished it off. You have to try this place if your in the neighborhood, hell even if your not make the trip. I live in NJ and thats how good the food is here, its worth ever mile that I have to travel.The service was great too , never an empty glass and when I was ready to leave waitress even brought over a to go cup with a smile.. keep making that delicious food that you make. Well definitely be back for more

Review №9


They give you so much food!! Its so good their cheesesteak are good and huge!! Made 4 meals out of mine. At work we order from here alot. Chicken Ceasars salad is unbelievable and so good

Review №10


In Fairless Hills they have some really good options for Pizza Joints, and in my opinion only DeLorenzos and one other established spot on the parkway are the best! DeLorenzos is my #1 because: 1) Neapolitan cant be beat. 2) orders from dinner menu taste as if you had an Italian Nonna cooking for you! 3) staff is very friendly yet professional. 4) Im not the only one that thinks this. Just try getting in the door on a Friday night.Writing this made me hungry. Is it clams & linguine w/ aioli or mussels fra diavolo? Argh!