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Phone: +1 215-364-9155
Opening hours
  • Monday:11AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–7PM
  • Thursday:11AM–7PM
  • Friday:11AM–7PM
  • Saturday:11AM–7PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 4.4

199 Reviews for Chick-fil-A 2023:

Review №1


Clean facility, organized for drive through, pick-up or dine-in. Decent menu, pricey for some menu item, food always seems fresh, overall not bad for fast-food. We enjoy, so you may too.

Review №2


First you pay too much for the grilled chicken sandwich meal when the chicken doesnt cover the whole bun, is too thin for the price and I asked for large fries they gave me medium. Plus the bread breaks apart. Plus my sandwich had more lettuce than anything else. Chick-fil-A needs to give us more chicken on our Burger because the prices are higher and the chicken is too small and it has always been like this at all locations, I wont purchase here again

Review №3


The food was quick, fresh and hot.My son got the nuggets. All good pieces lol. (You know sometimes you get a few bad ones which is annoying)I got a salad for the first time, The Cobb. It was really good. Ill definitely be getting that again. Everything was really fresh.

Review №4


Cashier rang up my order wrong as well as the 2 customers before me. After waiting 15mins for our food it was wrong and they wanted us to pay for what he didn’t ring in and wait again for food. Mac & cheese was runny and gross! Loc# 00412 is not up to the normal Chick-fil-A standards.

Review №5


Person calling out orders does not call out orders even though I was standing there and specifically did not want to say my name because it was hard to say. I had 2 hungry kids waiting for way too long and apparently the order was just left on the side the whole time

Review №6


Good food, wait time for order to be ready was crazy at this location. Staff just stood there staring at the food as it came up and then turned to do other duties.

Review №7


The staff was very friendly and the manager/shift manager apologized for my food taking an extra 2 minutes which was no problem because I happen to get there right when they opened after my haircut.

Review №8


I went in and within a matter of seconds they had my entire order ready and it was perfect couldnt ask for better service

Review №9


I dont know what all the fuss is about chick fil a but popeyes makes a100% better chicken ! I tried every fastfood chicken sandwich hands down for popeyes McDonalds came in last!

Review №10


The manager realizing we had been waiting quite a while tryed to move things along and also she put two cookies in with oursandwiches no charge.

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