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Phone: +1 610-876-3072
Opening hours
  • Monday:8AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–8PM
  • Thursday:8AM–8PM
  • Friday:8AM–8PM
  • Saturday:8AM–8PM
  • Sunday:8AM–8PM
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Total reviews rating 3

125 Reviews for MedExpress Urgent Care 2023:

Review №1


Dr. Deborah Clarke is such a great doctor! I have seen her more than once at the MedExpress Urgent Care, and I have felt confident each time in her diagnosis. She is kind, compassionate, thorough, knowledgeable, and down to earth. She takes time to answer questions and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. The front desk staff, as well as the nursing staff are kind, understanding, and respectful. They all do such a great job, and seem to really work well together. I would highly recommend this urgent care, as well as Dr. Clarke, and would like to thank them for always doing a wonderful job!

Review №2


Though it was a little thought getting through on the phone lines my feedback is on my service I experienced. First Kim was amazingly helpful with trying to assist me in getting register even with meBeing unprepared due to it being the first and my insurance was now change. I appreciated everyone knowing what was going on when I called back great communication. Second Tara who seen me was too amazing with following up and assisting me. I’ve been to this location a bunch and never had a bad experience but today was top tier. Thank you all for your help. “I too had been waiting in the parking lot at 7:30 and an answer 10 minutes to 9. I returned at 11:30 and was seen about 1:20. And I would still give your guys a 5 with the volume and crazies I’m sure your experiencing.

Review №3


The medical staff is top notch. Dr. Clarke is very thorough, caring and knowledgeable. My issue is with the wait time and registration process. I arrived at 7:45 am, there were 3 or 4 people ahead of me. We were lined up outside. We went in at 8 and were given direction to scan a QR code, and then go back to our cars and complete the registration process. If I was 4 or 5 th to see a Provider, why was I there for 3 hours? I have been there several times and always had a long wait- some wait times were valid, others there was no explanation by the front desk. In the future I will be very hesitant to use Med Express, and in good conscience cannot recommend to family and friends. The wait time some emergency rooms is not even this long.

Review №4


This is the 5th time I have been seen at this ME. Before today, no complaints.I’m sitting in my car calling in for 30 minutes now just to register to be seen.There has to be a better system. The last time I was here you were met at the door, gave your cell number, they called to register you and purpose of yourvisit. Then you were called to in to see the physician. Easy Peary What happened?I’ll try calling in again. Wish me luck!I just called in to register and with an apology was told they had reached their capacity. WOW That’s it for me

Review №5


I just wanted to thank Dr Kelly again... I came in on Saturday with eventually diagnosed angioedema. I could have died. And I dont say that as an exaggeration. My lips were swelling and I was struggling to breathe. My husband told me to tough it out and Dr Kelly told me to book it to an ER as fast as I could get there. That if I wanted to be the for my one year old I needed to take care of myself in this moment. He told me what to tell the ER team and what they should do. I listened to him and I believe he saved my life. When I got to an over crowded ER, I relayed what Dr Kelly said and they listened. I am here today because of him. I know sometimes the wait here can be long but I promise you are getting the most capable, most competent doctor on the other side. Thank you Dr. Kelly. More than I can say.

Review №6


This place is great. 4 days ago I spent $75 for a telemad visit that doctor refused to prescribe in antibiotic insisting I had a viral infection. Today I came here. It was free & doctor Deb diagnosed me with bronchitis immediately. Prescribed antibiotics And other stuff. Amazing.Doctor Deb was friendly and very thorough. I am pleased.

Review №7


So Ive been to MedExpress before COVID, and since COVID. Heres my take.The front desk: variable. Some people are really nice and accommodating, some are less so. Usually everyone is great though.Nurses: Wonderful. Attentive, professional and friendly.MDs/PAs: So far out of the four-five times Ive been here, only been disappointed once. And even then not really. Dr. Deb Clarke (who Ive seen a few times now) is a really great physician who takes the time to sit down with you, talk about whats going on and answers your questions. I wish she could be my PCP. Shes been nothing but excellent and professional. Shes treated both myself and my wife and I would recommend her to anyone.

Review №8


Waited over a hour outside after doing the 10 minutes of paperwork they make you do in your car. It wasn’t busy. Asked the same questions by the in take person that I just answered in all the paperwork. Why do the paper. Then waited inside for another half hour. Lied to about why people who just got there went in before me . I was told that person was having a heart attack, yet no ambulance came neither did the corner. Wouldn’t go back.

Review №9


Everyone here is consistently so kind and helpful. I cannot thank the workers here enough for everything they’ve done. This place is super clean, and well managed. They always do super well and always keeps a calm tone under pressure (which is a wonderful thing especially when you have anxiety issues). They have one of if not the best staff I’ve ever encountered!

Review №10


The people here are completely rude and belligerent. They always find something extraneous to complain about or be nasty about for no reason such as the type of mask Im wearing (mind you the ones they provide are proven to do nothing and the people behind the counter in the back scarcely wear them anyway so why I was made a target is beyond me). Multiple times I have seen the folks in the back remove their masks to talk and nobody made a fuss about that, or for the other people in the lobby who were doing the same thing. Then I got snapped on for sitting in a certain section of seats and told I was supposed to sit in my car (which I dont have) and then told to sit in the seat directly next to the one I was in for some reason, as if that corrects any issue. I was barked at that they do covid temperature checks which they clearly dont, nobody was checked whatsoever. Those remarks and orders seemed to serve the receptionists fragile ego more than it did the health of the general public. This place is a joke.

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