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Phone: +1 215-639-2046
Opening hours
  • Monday:7AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–9PM
  • Thursday:7AM–9PM
  • Friday:7AM–9PM
  • Saturday:7AM–9PM
  • Sunday:7AM–8PM
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Total reviews rating 4.2

199 Reviews for Panera Bread 2023:

Review №1


Just my luck. I went to get my favorite meal. Napa almond chicken salad sandwich. Got my sandwich and it looked plain chicken and Mayo. No almonds or grapes . So I asked this isn’t my order and they just threw some almonds on top. It was a man in red shirt which was different then all other workers . I hope to god it wasn’t a manager because that’s terrible..

Review №2


Worst experience ever. I ordered 2 pastries only to be told after the order was placed that they were sold out. They could not replace them with anything because all other pastries were sold out as well. I also ordered a peach blueberry smoothie and it looked nothing like what was on the picture. No purple color at all (no indication that any blueberries had been added to it). I requested for my refund and asked the girl what happened. She apologized coldly and told me thats just how it looks. I replied by saying no, thats not how it looks on the picture you have on the menu. Needless to say I took my refund in cash and walked away. I am never coming back to this location again. TERRIBLE SERVICE.

Review №3


Worst location in the whole America. One day I get a stepped on sandwich, the next day I get a totally different sandwich from the one I ordered (plain cheese sandwich instead of chipotle avocado chicken), another day I wanna order chips to my sandwich and get on the app that its out of stock ( full of chips at the location ). What the heck is going on there I dont understand.

Review №4


Other than some ingredients being missing due to current supply chain issues, Ive never had any huge complaints. I come here almost every day to study and Ive never had any issues with orders or with staff. The staff seems to include neurodivergent individuals and people of color, and Ive never seen the staff kick out any homeless people, so this location is definitely inclusive of all people and I will always give them my patronage for that. The tables can sometimes be messy/dirty from patrons who dont realize that theyre supposed to take trays to the designated area in the trash locations, and staff are typically a busy taking/making orders so sometimes they dont get an immediate chance to clean any dirty tables, but thats not a huge deal in my opinion.

Review №5


I’ve been to a few excellent Panera locations in Southeastern PA and this one is closest to where I live. Can’t say I’m impressed.I ordered their new signature spicy chicken sandwich and a bistro French onion soup. The chicken on my sandwich was dry and slightly over cooked, extremely lacking in buffalo sauce and pickle chips, the sandwich had potential to be great but execution was subpar. The soup was good, it could have been great if they actually made an attempt to include the Gruyère cheese. At first I thought there wasn’t any cheese at all, only to dig a tiny bit of it out from the bottom as if they ran out of cheese while making my soup and just threw in the last of what they had. At least they included the croutons.Disappointed overall with my order. The kettle chips slapped as always likely because they are made and packed by a chip manufacturer with actual quality control. Won’t be trying this location again.

Review №6


These are kids trying to run the show here. They dont know how to transfer an order from one person to another, make us wait and then mess it up. Even if I order from the kiosk my name does not appear in the list on the screen and I have to keep asking them. Very disorganized.Had ordered for coffee, they said someone is making fresh coffee and then after ten minutes they said no coffee. Then again someone else comes with a cup of coffee. confused kids running panera

Review №7


Worst panera I been to Im from jersey maybe because they were too busy on Sunday but they got order wrong and I waited 8x longer then any other panera experience. I dint bother going back to cashier to fix order because that would create more havic and confusion. They keep taking salads off the menu all the good ones lol the cashier would mumble and asking anything was like pulling teeth. Usually my panera experience is 5 star I go every so often. Getting a refund cant wait any longer

Review №8


Usually my orders are never correct. And if the off chance they are, my meals are missing ingredients are made poorly. My recent order was the avocado chicken sandwich and a sausage and pepperoni flatbread...the avocado was missing...only half the sandwich actually had meat on it the only half was just cheese...the Flatbread had pepperoni that wasnt spread out and just mounds of five slices in 2 separate spots. Just getting sloppy lately

Review №9


Turkey Avocado BLTs almost no turkey! Flatbread pizza tasted bad. Soups tasted cold and nasty! It was by delivery, expecting it at 8:00 PM, never came, my husband needed to pick the food at 8:30, food was cold. Service at store when picking up was bad, employees jocking and not paying attention to customers. At 8:55 from store called me about issues with the delivery, of course the food was al ready picked, which tells me lack of management of orders.

Review №10


I had ordered through doordash and had an issue. Doordash wouldnt resolve it, so I called the store and spoke with the manager, Lou. He was so nice and replaced me entire order and even threw in sone free cookies. Thanks Lou.

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