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Phone: +1 267-529-1490
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–9PM
  • Thursday:9AM–9PM
  • Friday:9AM–9PM
  • Saturday:9AM–9PM
  • Sunday:10AM–7PM
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Total reviews rating 4.2

199 Reviews for Pets Plus - Bensalem 2023:

Review №1


This is a nice pet shop. Ive been going here for years. Ive done everything from get feeder crickets to adopt a beautiful healthy puppy. Pets plus has everything you need and they are really friendly too.

Review №2


I adopted my pup Tony from here. Hes such a sweetheart and in terms of feeding the store made sure theyre well taken care of. The store manager Jordan was amazingly helpful and genuinely cared about each and every pup or dog leaving the store. My pup Tony was able to pass the service dog in training assessment and I couldnt be happier. The only reason I didnt give the store 5 stars is because Tony had a belly full of 3 kinds of worms. The vet they used said there were no sufficient findings when I received his paperwork, which was dated 1 day before I adopted him. I took him to a vet close to me and they told me he had a belly full of worms that looked like they had been present for a month. None of the pups are house trained yet and their ages range from 2 months to 1 year when I was there.

Review №3


Decent pet shop with mostly mid to large dogs for adoption, some cats. Most pet essentials are here, poor selection of Hills Science Diet if thats what youre looking for. Overall a pleasant pet store.

Review №4


This place has gone downhill, they used to be great. They always had everything I needed and the staff was so friendly and helpful but now theyre constantly out of just about everything I look for and the staff are rude at times when checking out! I am looking for a new pet store!

Review №5


The WORST PET STORE EVER ! THEY SELL SICK DOGS and I heard that from the vet they send me to neuter my dog. Got my dog from there (pay a lot of money in taxes) and my dog had parvo and giardia. Contact the manager many times they always said they would return my call, hey in touch and never had. TERRIBLE service, besides the fact that I had to spend a lot of money on vet bills, I had to hear from the veterinarian that they are KNOWN in the vet area from having sick dogs. Terrible. Never coming back

Review №6


Great place, small selection but everything youll need. Now for the extra extra stuff just order from somewhere. PS. THEY HAVE KITTENS AND PUPPYS FOR ADOPTION

Review №7


I was able to adopt my best friend at the Pets Plus in Bensalem. At first glance I knew Butter (my dog) was meant to mine! The attention here was great, there was a large amount of puppies to pick from (which makes it even more difficult). The staff is extremely friendly, and patient when it comes to attending customers needs. And to think that these pets are all rescues makes the cause even better.

Review №8


We got our Rescue Beagle mix there 5 years ago. Like how they find pups at high kill shelters and work on adoption. Highly recommend going there to give a shelter pet a forever home.

Review №9


Okay. They have a dog rescue area inside the store. Ive also utilize the Vetco clinic that they hold. If you want a great way of getting vaccinations for your fur babies; Vetco clinics are awesome, thorough and affordable.The rescue be are actually have two dogs I wish I could let rescue me! A sweet girl with 3 legs that is BEAUTIFUL!! Physically and spiritually and a gentle boy that survived and still stayed sweet after some evil heartless person set him on fireThe young lady (forgot her name) has worked her, with rescues for over 4 years and she is AWESOME!. They also have two litters of puppies! Cute!The store has other options and other pets but these two services are worth a visit.

Review №10


Regardless of the comment about cleanliness, the place is great. We observed prompt cleaning of puppy feces and urine everytime. Multiple pups in a room will not go at the same time. Finally, our rescue is a sweetheart and the staff is fantastic. Visit and judge for yourself.

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