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Phone: +1 215-943-5229
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–9PM
  • Thursday:9AM–9PM
  • Friday:9AM–9PM
  • Saturday:9AM–9PM
  • Sunday:10AM–7PM
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Total reviews rating 4.1

199 Reviews for Pets Plus - Fairless Hills 2023:

Review №1


Adopted this pretty boy a few weeks ago. We have been buying fish and aquarium supplies here for years. Great selection, staff is highly informed and full of information you dont get at a big box pet store. Associates are always friendly and very helpful.

Review №2


Both of our fur babies were adopted from Pets Plus Fairless Hills. Our first in 2018 and our 2nd last year! Our first was sick, we fell in love with our little one while he was sick the VET their took great care of him. We got to go in and visit him as often and for how long we liked. They kept him 2 weeks after we officially adopted him to observe him getting better on antibiotics and we got to bring him home on medication and do a follow up with the VET a week later at his actual practice. That VET was so sweet and covered that entire visit for us! We had nothing but positive things to say about them. Our second dog was healthy and brought her home same day. We actually got in touch with her foster family in Louisiana through the Facebook page showing she was adopted. The foster family family also shared a few photos of her which we never would have seen had we not connected . I understand others have had bad experiences using them but I can definitely tell you they care for these animals. They recognize us from going into the store and our animals. Unfortunately for a lot of these dogs they don’t have a history on and they don’t know their full health reports and it’s a risk you have to take when adopting but we would do it all over again!

Review №3


This pet plus store I must say it’s Super clean, they have Amazing Staff that cares and are always willing and eager to help you.I have been going to this pet plus for the pass month every week to find the right pet for me.Keep in mind that I come back and forward from Florida to New Jersey many times a year and I always stop by this amazing store. When I’m in the area.I must say the staff here are always willing to help. After a few weeks from coming here I decided to adopt a 3 month old Labrador Retriever color black name Scooby and I must say I made the right choice because scooby is amazing and so loving. Scooby also learns extremely Quick. One of the girls there help me pick him she give me feed back about Scooby and she explained he would be the right choice for me because of a few concerns I have, boy was she so on point . I love Scooby and Scooby loves to play with my other dogs as well. We walk him, take him out to the dog parks etc.I could not be more happy and satisfy with the help I receive from the staff here. Oh wait the store manager was also extremely helpful as well and very knowledgeable. He help me with all the paperwork I needed. ThanksI highly recommend anyone to Adopt a dog from here. As well as to buy anything they need for their pets. It’s a very clean store .

Review №4


I dont normally write reviews, but I need to bring something up. Today I went in to meet some of the animals and to add a little happiness to the day and maybe add a little excitement by meeting some animals. I spoke with one woman who was super friendly and helped me with holding the bunnies, meeting the chinchillas, etc. It wasnt until I went to check in on the puppies that I noticed their quarters were quite dirty. On the windows, it said to notify staff right away if there was a mess in the enclosures, even though they should clean them routinely every 15 minutes (which they obviously didnt do). One of the dogs went to the bathroom so I told a guy at the register and he seemed put off by me telling him, but a few minutes later someone cleaned up the enclosures. I had been looking at the puppies and wanted to meet with one particular one, not necessarily for me to adopt, but I know someone who may be looking for a puppy and this one seemed to be lovely. I found someone who worked there- I assume the person most of the recent reviews are complaining about- and said excuse me?, to which he didnt acknowledge me. I moved a bit more within earshot and said excuse me again, which he flippantly looked at me like I was annoying him. I had asked to meet one of the dogs and, while walking away and no longer making eye contact, he said no, we only take dogs out for adoption applicants. I was so taken aback by this encounter that I left immediately and started crying. I was so sad for the animals who had definitely not had enough love or attention and I was also so upset by the way I was treated. I did nothing wrong, but he made me feel like I had. I dont know if anyone even reads these reviews, but I know I am not the only person with this experience and he needs to be told to stop treating customers poorly and to understand that he is lying about the company policy. A review from a few days ago mentions meeting with a dog without adopting on the spot and thats my past experience as well, so I know he was lying and just being plain rude.

Review №5


I love this place! It’s so fun to hold the bunnies and other animals, and if you ask, they let you hold the puppies and kittens! Most of the workers are nice but there is this one guy who is super rude. He has grey hair, and he once lied to my face. I asked to hold one of the puppies and he said they were feeding them right now so he couldn’t take one out for us, right after he said that I saw another really nice worker taking out a puppy for some other lady and I asked the nice other worker and she took one out for us. And another time, I was holding a kitten and the same guy asked 2 times “are you guys done yet?” It seems like he has some problem with people taking out the animals, I just don’t see why. But otherwise I really enjoy coming here and the other workers are really nice and they have some nice pets!

Review №6


We had the best experience getting our rescue here. The staff treat us so well every time we shop from the moment we enter the store with that welcoming mom and pop feel. Theyre knowledgeable and I never feel like Im an inconvenience.

Review №7


We try to not shop the big chains.My Kidz Love visiting and seeing all the different critters they sell. its also nice 2 have the open area 4 rabbits & guineas to mingle together 4 people 2 try 2 pet.Staff is helpful.

Review №8


Great pet shop. Friendly people, got our baby girl from there. Lil miss Caroline😍

Review №9


Been going here since I was a little kid and now Im bringing my son. Lots of animals to look at and tons of choices for your pets. Fish, dogs, cats, small animals and reptiles, they have it all. Prices are decent and employees are helpful.

Review №10


This is a good pet store run by a good manager, however, there’s allot of whacky people that rotate through there, as no one seems competent to answer questions intelligently. The store itself is well stocked, kept in order, and clean. It’s easily the best of the chain in the area.