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Phone: +1 215-232-3707
Site: http://www.templetownrealty.com/
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–4:30PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–4:30PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–4:30PM
  • Thursday:9AM–4:30PM
  • Friday:9AM–4:30PM
  • Saturday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 2.7

44 Reviews for TempleTown Realty 2023:

Review №1


I experienced five total management companies while residing in off- campus housing and TempleTown Realty, specifically Morgan, were the only ones who even scratched the bare minimum and actually went above and beyond in their work. The Antoinette, though not necessarily pretty, was the best and easiest living experience I had due to the attentiveness of TempleTown realty. Though this should be standard, I was shocked by the quick and direct responses, maintenance, and even building improvements throughout my short time there. The response to concerns within the building was almost immediate. This is the only management company that I would rent from around Temple U based on my abhorrent experiences with essentially all of the others. What a stark contrast! Thanks again to Morgan.

Review №2


Please do yourself a favor and rent somewhere else. The property is out of date, management is unresponsive once you move in, apartments are reasonable priced but it isn’t worth the headache.

Review №3


What is up with the staff here, can’t get a maintenance request done. Bathroom been clogged. Ceiling is about to fall. Does anyone work here anymore? Can’t get in touch with Star(barely answers email) or anyone else? We better get our security deposit back when lease end!! Also my front door not working! #answeryouremail #likehowyoucollectrent

Review №4


After working with this company for 10 months, I am thankful for all of the experience and knowledge I gained through Jill Kerrigan. I am especially thankful for the passion that she evoked inside of me, and the dedication to hard work that she instilled. I was well respected and my hard work was always recognized and appreciated. I could not have asked for a better Property Manager.I will miss working with Jill, Keith, and the best maintenance staff in all of the Temple University area.To Jon: I loved your company and enjoyed working for you. I wish you all the best with your future corporate endeavors.

Review №5


Now that my security deposit is safely back in my bank account, it is my responsibility to join the other reviewers and implore any readers to NEVER rent from Templetown or Equinox Management. There is a reason for all of the 1 star reviews.We were without a working kitchen for nearly a month. The garbage disposal broke and caused a massive leak under the sink which resulted in an electrical short which rendered our dishwasher and all the power outlets in the kitchen unusable. Any water which found its way into the sink ended up in the cabinets and on the floor. For almost a MONTH, they would not even answer the phone although they were aware of the problem. Im convinced they screened our calls because statistically it doesnt make sense to go that long unanswered. When every avenue of communication failed, we visited their office and demanded help. Even after that, the repairs took forever.On a separate occasion, we lost heat during the coldest week of the winter. On a third occasion, part of our ceiling caved in. It still hadnt been repaired completely when we moved out four months later.The only person who ever acted sincere towards us was the maintenance man himself. It was obvious to me that the issues we experienced were a result of the offices lack of communication and organization rather than the maintenance mans fault. He eventually stopped answering my calls, and I strongly suspect that he got fed up with them as well and probably quit.If you rent from Templetown, your experience will not be different. Do not fall for the fancy buildings. Do not let their pleasant attitudes at the apartment showing fool you into a subsequent year of misery. There is a reason for all of the one star reviews. Im sure the only two star review they received was a mistake. I understand that stuff breaks, but there is a clear theme in these reviews: the tenant is a rent check and nothing more, so youre on your own when something goes wrong.

Review №6


I must say that the current Property Manager seems to definitely be more attentive to the needs of the renters than the old team. My daughter and her 4 roommates lived in the Templetown house for 2 years. We had several major problems with the maintenance and management and the way they handled issues: communication and speed at which those issues were handled. New PM seems to be on top of it.

Review №7


These people are ridiculous. I was so excited to rent with them but it was a nightmare. My ceiling was leaking in my bathroom the most disgusting dark brown water for a whole week, and they had maintenance come to fix it three times before they got it right. They dont respond to maintenance requests unless you threaten to sue them or stop paying rent. They dont give you twenty-four hours before they come into your home. When they were trying to rent it out to the next tenant, they were coming into the apartment almost every day with new prospective tenants for months starting in January. Their employees do not act like they care about their job, and they have a really high turn over. It took them almost two months to give me my security deposit back, and still tried to charge me $200 for cleaning fees even though I cleaned everything thoroughly, took pictures before I left, even though they never sent me and itemized list, and cleaning services do not cost $200 for a studio bathroom and kitchen. Dont rent with them.

Review №8


Templetown Realty has improved dramatically since the start of 2016. Although, as reflected in other reviews, they have had some issues in the past, the team has undergone some staff changes which has made all the difference. Michelle at the front desk is incredibly helpful at communicating and understanding issues which occur, and taking it upon herself to follow through to ensure they are addressed. The new maintenance manager has been doing a great job as well and we are slowly seeing much needed updates to the building. Renting from Templetown in the past had its issues, but I am hopeful they are on the right track to improvement.

Review №9


I think these reviews are modified because I left one a month ago and there was only one 4-star. My review is not visible any more.Templetown exploits naive students who arent as familiar with the law as more experienced adults.Im a 26 year old neuroscientist, and Ive rented with 7 former landlords over 3 countries. This is my 3rd year with Templetown, and the first 2 years were good. Something happened with the staff in 2016, and Ive never rented for a more improperly managed group. Templetown has systematically violated my legal rights as a tenant, and has been unable to uphold their end of the lease. I reported my experiences to Temple University, and they said they will take action. Feel free to contact me for the detail of my experience.Dont rent from them! There are plenty of other rental companies with better management in the area.

Review №10


I would give this company a zero star if I could! I live in University city in a property owned by temple town. Our sink was leaking and after leaving 10-15 messages, over the course of 2 weeks and leaving messages online, they did not fix it. Finally I ended up calling and flipping out on the phone before they were able to come in. Other times, I saw the maintenance people in the halls and would flag them down to come in and fix the apartment. I recently put in a request about the hot water but like usual they have not gotten in touch with me. Its been 6 days! It recently snowed, it has been almost 72 hours since it snowed, they have not cleaned the sidewalk in front of the property or the stairs leading to the apartment. They deserved to be sued for this. I have to hold on to dear life while walking through this icy mess! NEVER RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE, most unprofessional company ever!

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