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Phone: +1 844-992-7263
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  • Monday:Open 24 hours
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Total reviews rating 4.4

15 Reviews for Thackray Crane Rental 2023:

Review №1


Came here to deliver 2 air condition units...the dunnage that the shipper and my broker told me to place underneath, in which the shipper had placed the dunnage where he needed to set it in order to set the unit on, was 2 pieces of 8x4x4....thus all I had to ensure was to secure the load by the rails on the bottom and periodically check to make sure that everything was secured & intact on its transit from Orlando Florida to Philadelphia, in which I did the entire 1014 miles. Once I arrived at Thackeray, the drivers were friendly & helpful to guide me where I needed to go to deliver the units, however once I got in position and before I got out of my truck to put my work gloves on, the employees were already checking the condition of the units. They started taking pictures of the bottom of one of the rails that the air condition set on. One part of the rail, the rail that where the fork lift slides the tongs in to lift the unit, NOT the air condition itself, but the rail, and NOT even the part where the opening where the tongs of the fork lift slide in, was bent up slightly on the one piece of 8x4x4 wood due the weight of the unit being brought up & down on top of the wood & traveling on the bumpy, pot hole roads & highways on portions of the way up there....they claimed it was dammaged. Damaged?? The unit itself was NOT damaged...however, my broker Lisa explained to me after I also took the pictures & sent it to her that she always get that from them...that they are always looking to file an insurance claim on something thats delivered to them. Smh....I ALWAYS as a flatbed truck driver, take great care of my truck & the freight that Im hauling!!! I have NEVER had a damaged freight due to my negligence in the entire 2 & 1/2 years that Ive been driving a flatbed!!!

Review №2


If you’re here to pickup / drop-off load, good luck to you, these guys are super slow, unloading three trucks for 4 hours 👎🏻

Review №3


A Top Notch Company to do Business with....

Review №4


Great place to deliver chillers or A/Cs. Fast & friendly...

Review №5


Great honest company to do business with. Had a shipment from Canada to PA that they were able to safely pickup and unload from the terminal without delay or issue. Very pleasant staff all around.

Review №6


Excellent, friendly and professional service

Review №7


They are an absolute pleasure to do business with!

Review №8


Thank you so much for hanging that beautiful American flag it looked great all I could see driving down woodhaven Rd was the flag so thank you and have a great 4th of July to you and your employees family

Review №9



Review №10


Professional all round. If you want the job done right and safe, they are the number 1 crane/truck company in Philly.

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