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Phone: +1 215-515-0829
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–5PM
  • Thursday:9AM–5PM
  • Friday:9AM–5PM
  • Saturday:10AM–5PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 3.2

16 Reviews for The Kelly Apartments 2023:

Review №1


Ive had a positive experience living at the Kelly so far. The apartment is very nice and the location is great. Its right by the regional rail and bus stops so its easy to get to center city. There are plenty of nearby restaurants and shops that you could walk or drive to. The lobby area is always clean and maintenance is quick to fix things. The front desk staff are very nice and always willing to help out with any issues. I definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new apartment!

Review №2


The location is great that’s it.The management does not respond to emails. The parking situation is a joke. They don’t reinforce the premium parking spots. Some people own 2 cars but they are only paying for one spot because they also bring their second cars inside and park without permits. I’ve asked multiple times to reinforce the premium gold spots but no one ever responded.The lobby area is clean however the hallways are dirty. I’ve never seen them vacuuming or cleaning the hallways. The elevators are also always dirty, especially the floor.The garage itself is super dirty and dusty. Most property managed buildings power wash the parking spots at least twice a year. Here I’ve never seen them cleaning the parking spots. The outside windows are also dirty. I’m not sure how often they clean the windows.Overall, not happy at all. Hope this helps.

Review №3


The Pros:-Well maintained building (love Al who is maintenance)-Great location- tucked in a quiet area of Bala Cynwyd yet so close to the city and accessible to all things Main Line-A few standout amenities: they have workstation offices in each building that are really conducive to working from home and getting quiet space outside your apartment; also the dog park on the roof of The Grant is great for our dog-nice community of residents - diverse, which we love!The Cons:-Weve had 2 different residents living directly above us. We hear their footsteps as if its an earthquake in our apartment. We know plenty of other residents that have a similar problem. Heaven forbid if you live below young kids who run around, if people work out, or leave their shoes on walking around. We hear it at all hours of the night, and it absolutely has affected our experience living here. Weve raised with management ad nauseum; it has yet to be effectively addressed. Im curious if anything can actually be done. The building just doesnt seem well constructed. My wife and I have probably lived in 25 apartments combined, mostly in cities, and weve never experienced a noise issue from above us like this. Considering how much we pay (over $4K a month, which is super high under any circumstances), this issue is pretty unacceptable.Advice: Do your homework thoroughly to investigate the noise above you. If this isnt as much of an issue for you, then this is a really nice complex that you should enjoy thoroughly.

Review №4


Initially, The Kelly was legitimately my DREAM apartment. The only employee to thank for my amazing staff experience was Aristone, who is no longer with the company.THE STAFF:Aeran is flat out rude and incapable of addressing concerns in a timely matter. I can recall two instances where it took her weeks to a month to get back to me. I decided I didn’t want to speak with her anymore at all. And Madison, the general manager, is also incapable of addressing concerns IN GENERAL. She blatantly ignored concerns sent via email and blatantly danced around answering my concerns while on the phone. At some point, you start to feel like these people are trying to treat you as if you’re incompetent. The entire staff from the head, down to leasing agents, attempt to give off nice, attentive personas, but clearly don’t realize their lack of genuineness is evident. This company is only after any dollar they can get and will dispose of their residents without regard. I was due to move out of my apartment by 11/30. My mother unfortunately passed away the same morning. On 11/29, we knew that my mom was transitioning and I called the general manager to ask for at least one extra day to have everything moved out due to the circumstances. I was given the most insincere condolence as she proceeded to give me the additional charges for one extra day. Thankfully my family was able to get me completely moved out on that afternoon.I now regret spending the last two years at The Kelly. When you spend your hard earned money with a company, and never give them any problems, you expect to be treated with respect, dignity, and some sort of compassion. Please spend your money where you are VALUED.

Review №5


First, please beware of the self-promoting 5-star reviews posted for the Kelly and the sister property, the Grant.  Laura Beyer, David Blumenfled, Jerry Gallagher, and Aristone Louxz are all employees or the president of the management company, Cross Properties (maybe Google will eventually take them down for conflict of interest). Im skeptical many of the other 5-star reviews are from tenants because when you look at what else theyve reviewed, the individuals have only reviewed other rental complexes owned by Cross Properties.  So really no idea to tell how many of the other 5-star reviews come from actual tenants verses employees verses friends of the company. As a current tenant, I can only say the other comments in the 1-star reviews are true.We recently relocated from NH where we lived in a 1770 farmhouse.  We were certainly excited about living in a new construction building, but it turns out things arent quite made as well these days.  Any time we get heavy rain, water leaks from the wall (pictures included).  We now have paint chipping off, the baseboard is expanding, mold present in the area, and ants are coming in through the leaking area.  We also have windows in our young kids rooms that dont fully latch closed, so its been a challenge trying to keep their rooms warm with the draft coming through the windows.  All of these items were identified to the office over 4 months ago, but it wasnt until a couple of weeks ago did they finally take some action beyond just telling us theyre working on it.  It turns out we are being asked to move out of our unit because they have to reinstall the windows and have no idea to what extent they need to do demolition to find the source of the leak.  We were told we could be moved across the street to the Grant, but the units there are more expensive (and as you can see from their reviews, not much better).  Theyve offered to keep our rent at the same price were paying now.  Were currently renting and paying a short-term lease fee, but due to the convenience of location to our daughters daycare, we had planned on staying for another year after our short-term lease ended.  However, now the management company is saying they wont remove the short-term leasing fee in the new unit.  So essentially, they are asking us to pay an additional $3k over that years lease for something caused by their poorly constructed building.They try to tell us were getting a great deal by getting to rent at the Grant below market rate.  But I would argue a building at only 10% occupancy hasnt really established a market rate.  The Grant doesnt really offer much to us in terms of the reported added value when we value access to parking that doesnt require the use of stairs when taking groceries into the unit with two young children; we value access to a front desk concierge service that can securely accept our packages/deliveries; we value not having to change our address again; we value readily accessible outdoor amenities; we value not needing to use vacation days to move instead of visiting family (in a post-pandemic world); and we value not having to put up with being woken up in the middle of the night because our child reverts back to wetting the bed at night in the transition to the new place. For a company that brags about helping out the local community, they are certainly acting very greedy asking us to shoulder the burden of their problem.

Review №6


Great place to live! Amenities are really nice a well maintained. Building and apartment are all updated and new. Highly recommend.

Review №7


In apartment living, it’s hard to find consistent leadership. Now entering my 3rd year at the property, I’m thankful to say that Laura Beyer and Madison McCarron have been here since day one. Without them, I would have left the property after the first year. If we are all being honest, every communal living situation has its issues, but when you have great people like Laura and Madison responding to those issues very quickly and professionally it helps a ton. One last major positive of living here are all of the neighbors. Even though different people have come and gone there have never been any resident to resident issues here. Everyone is pretty chill and respectful. Really cool diverse community of all ages, races, and backgrounds. Looking forward to year 3 at The Kelly!

Review №8


Overall, very disappointed and frankly confused with what is going on with this place.You pay a hefty amenity fee to move in, but the amenities are not actually functional. There are light fixtures, but no lights. There are TVS, but they do not work. There are heat lamps and grills but no gas. There are fire pits... you get the picture. It is very frustrating. The gym has floor panels coming up and theres always a problem with the Pelotons. The dog park does not have dog friendly grass and I cannot figure out how it is cleaned, if ever (see below). If you are excited about any feature in this place really examine it because it likely doesnt work.I have emailed/called/interacted in real life about this for several weeks, perhaps now months at this point, with no resolution. The trash chute is regularly broken with trash overflowing from the trash rooms. In my attempt to understand, I found out that the building was without a maintenance team for a month. I can only imagine what that was about.Update 2021: We are breaking the lease due to Cross Properties not living up to its end of the contract. Another Spring and the amenities still are not functioning. Parking rates have gone up 200% and we get constant e-mail reminders that there is no guest parking, both despite the fact that I have never seen the garage more than 1/3 occupied. The full time staff at the front desk has disappeared and findings packages has become a scavenger hunt. You pay a premium for proximity to the train, but the train isnt running.The staff in the building is all great, and it is evident they are not supported by Cross Properties. What a disaster!

Review №9


We loved our stay at the Kelly and have nothing but good to say about this place. Madison and the other management folks are great and they take care of all their residents and the issues are addressed promptly. This is a new construction so everything here is new, whatever you would see in the pictures is exactly what you would get. The rooftop and other amenities are great plus as well. Highly recommend this place

Review №10


Lexi, Meghan,Madisson and the other staff members are exceptional and super nice. They always ensure that the residents are having the best experience. The apartment has some pretty fantastic perks like a 24 hours concierge, roof top lounge, covered parking and mini golf area!

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