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Phone: +1 610-328-1300
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  • Monday:Open 24 hours
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Total reviews rating 3.5

199 Reviews for VCA Old Marple Animal Hospital 2023:

Review №1


VCA Marple was amazing today. After calling our own vet who refused to see our sick cat and calling several other emergency places, each with extremely long waits or on divert, we called VCA Marple (they are quite a way from our house so we started with closer ones). They were wonderful on the phone and even better in person. They quickly took our very sick cat back. They were thorough but quick. And they were great at explaining every step of the way. We ended up having to euthanize our cat but they kept him comfortable and gave us the time we needed to make a decision and get our son there to say goodbye. I highly recommend them.

Review №2


We recently adopted a new cat from Providence Animal Shelter and took her here for the free checkup that is provided from the adoption. The attention and care that we received was top notch. I truly appreciate the level of service that I received and the time they spent talking to me answering questions that I had. I would take any of my cats back here in a heartbeat. I also want to mention that their regular hours of operation are ideal to those of us who work bankers hours and often have to take time off for this sort of thing. Thank you all for the wonderful experience on this snowy January night. I will for sure be back!

Review №3


This was my first time in an emergency situation with my dog and I was very nervous. From the moment I spoke to someone on the phone before even arriving I felt very comfortable. Everyone was SO kind and helpful. More importantly, they were excellent with my dog. It’s a 40 minute drive for us but we will be using this as our primary vet from now on. I can’t say enough how grateful I am

Review №4


Thank you so much, Dr. Patel and Dr. Lewis for knowing exactly what to do to help my cat Jasmine, when she had a digestive obstruction. Around noon on October 1, I realized that normally very peppy Jasmine had not come downstairs for breakfast nor for dinner the night before. Instead, she was quietly resting on the bed and shivering. Unfortunately my vet was not available. VCA Springfield was able to take Jasmine right away, and very prompt x-rays showed a lower intestine obstruction. Dr. Patel prescribed an IV, with several meds to assist the problem. Of course I was very worried that night as Jasmine stayed there, especially since on-line sources said that risky surgery was a likely outcome. Very thankfully the IV treatment prescribed by Dr. Patel worked to solve the problem! Jasmine came back home at noon on October 2, back to her peppy and endearing self! I also thank Dr. Patel and staff for letting me visit Jasmine while she was at VCA; I found Dr. Patel to be very caring of Jasmine and personable.

Review №5


I was driving to another cat hospital when I called VCA Marple. I called at 11:15 am and was told that there was not a long wait. They were oddly specific given that an animal hospital is unpredictable. I arrived within 10 minutes and the parking lot was slammed. They took my cat inside. I called each hour on the hour. Each time they made a comment like it shouldn’t be much longer. One time they actually said the vet was headed over and my cat would be next.After 5 hours I was told that no one would be looking at my cat anytime soon.I’m appreciative that it’s a holiday and it’s busy. BUT I was already going somewhere else. Their communication was terrible. After 5+ hours I’ve taken my cat home and am looking for other options.I’m honestly just perplexed. Why make statements that are specific or inaccurate. I could have gone elsewhere AND kitty still needs a vet.

Review №6


So I will start off by saying I am a first time dog owner, so I have zero baseline outside of other friends anecdotes on vet care. I have been absolutely enamored with the care I have gotten for my pup here.I adopted and knew my dog has heartworm. When we brought her over for her first check up / initial tackling of the heartworm, the staff was very upfront on costs, timetables, etc. for treatment. Pricing seems on par with what Id expect to keep my dog from dying prematurely while being seen by specialists.Dr. Tannert was very good at listening to all my questions and concerns (I had a lot lol) and addressing them with me on our first and subsequent visits. Medication was explained and clearly labeled on their bottles, I was sent home with multiple documents stating the plan, etc. I also appreciate the follow ups - after my dogs first heartworm shot, I received a call that night asking how the dog was reacting etc.A day ago after lowering her medication per the directions, my dog had abnormal breathing so we emergency rushed her to the vet here and they grabbed her immediately. Luckily one of the doctors was able to see my dog on the side due to a cancelled appointment who called us immediately to say all looks good on the dog, that since she saw her on the side, they wouldnt be charging me as an emergency vet visit (and rather as one of the included sessions since I am a VCA Care Member) and then listened to all our questions and concerns via the phone since this is my baby and I am probably a helicopter dog dad.All in all, I have been very impressed as my own doctor doesnt do follow ups usually haha. Wife is in agreement too after having had some bad run ins with her families former vet in Mass that almost killed their diabetic dog multiple times through neglect, etc.Again, not a long time pet owner here but very happy with what Ive dealt with here in general. I would recommend for what it is worth.

Review №7


I have been bringing my pets here for years. The staff and doctors have always been very caring and kind with my pet and this visit was the same. They explained things about his health and condition and were gentle with him during his exam. The following week the doctor called to discuss test results from bloodwork and gave a very comprehensive overview of my pets condition and suggested follow up in a few months for monitoring him. They also followed COVID protocols. They all wore masks as well as requiring visitors to wear them. They currently allow one person to come inside with their pet and you have to call them when you arrive and wait for them to let you know when you can enter. This keeps the amount of people indoors to a minimum. Everything was clean and everyone was very professional.

Review №8


Im so happy we have found Dr. Andersen!! Im very grateful that she works with us to get our cat the healthiest and happiest she can be, and also calls to make check-ins and see how things are going. It really makes a world of difference to have an attentive veterinarian who truly cares about the animals she treats.

Review №9


Our dog, Myles, had a bad reaction to dental surgery at a different practice, and VCA Old Marple was incredible—they saw Myles multiple times, coordinated with his surgery team, and treated him and us with so much kindness and compassion. They’re all great; we dealt mostly with Dr. Lewis, who was wonderful. Thank you, VCA! We’re all so very grateful.

Review №10


This hospital was a decent place to take my two dogs. The one thing I did not like is the fact that every time I took one of my dogs there, the bill was always over $500, or they tried to push you over that mark. I have two dogs so you can see how that could become quickly problematic. One of my dogs does not like his nails cut and a lot of times, the $10 retailers like pet smart have trouble cutting his nails, so I was paying this hospital $30 because they could do it. I didnt mind paying them three times the cost of everyone else because they actually got the job done very well. The last time I had his nails cut, they gave me a sedative and said it would make it easier for them if I sedate him before bringing him in. I called them on 10/30/2021, to schedule a nail trim only to be told that they no longer do nail trims unless it is during a doctor appointment. Why is that? So they can charge $99 for the doctor visit PLUS the $30 extra for a trim. So, basically $130 to get the dogs nails trimmed. Price gouging alive and well just like is mentioned in all the other reviews. Well, they just lost all of my business for both dogs, including annual shots and everything else that may come up. There are other places that are not money grubs and the service here is not soooo great that they should be acting like the money grubs they are. Buyer beware...this is exactly the kind of greedy corporate businesses -bad used car salesman type - that everyone should avoid.

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