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Phone: +1 215-473-4803
Site: https://woodwardproperties.com/
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Total reviews rating 2.5

41 Reviews for Woodward Properties 2023:

Review №1


I live in this apartment on 9 Windermere Ave on Apt L or Karen Court for about a year now together with my wife. If u were ever thinking moving into this very apartment pls think very strongly and think twice if u will about it. I do hope ur gut tells u not even to dare coz it’s just not an ideal place u ever wanna live. This apartment is certainly one of d most disgusting place I’ve seen and I believe so about all woodword properties. D apartment is disgustingly filthy is an understatement, d management will authorize towing companies to tow ur car at all times for no good reason for their own gains. D entire management team are so rude and disgusting as well. A lady by name of Caren who shouldn’t be on d job and she’s definitely not supposed to be in that office is so nasty with residents and she can be rude to anyone on d phone. Pls don’t ever recommend this apartment to anyone coz u would not wanna live here. Making things worse, d rent jumps from $1,100 to $1,300, an almost 20% straight increase on rent even in d midst of this pandemic that have left so many folks jobless and suffering. I will however take that increase up with d State and news media. There’s so many to mention about d ills of this disgusting place and their behaviors and treatment towards residents. Pls do not ever consider or have anyone consider renting this property.

Review №2


What is posted on the website is not what they actually have. I spoke to the leasing lady and she said the newly renovated was not on her list. None of what I talked about she knew of. What I applied for was a two bedroom at Patricia Court not as described(pictures are below for the description). So I was not being offered anything that I seen from the website. Everything should be accurate especially since they do Everything online and you cannot see the rental so more pictures would be nice. Process is nice and easy but when you go to see the apartment you cannot until it is ready and a payment is put down. Waste of money and application process didnt have what was advertised!

Review №3


Thanks to Eric taking care of the bathroom fan/ vent. Took 2 secs! Job Well Done!

Review №4


Property infested with roaches! Had rodent problems as well. Raised the rent by $100, but doesn’t take care of the properties! Do yourself a favor and avoid at all cost!!!

Review №5


Here at 375 cheswold road apartment Eric did a great awesome job for me thank you so much soo much thank you

Review №6


The maintenance man Eric comes as quickly and often as requested and is always kind.

Review №7


Please do not listen to the old reviews, I was about to listen to them before living in this apartment. The leasing portal, and the maintenance team are spot on every single time. On point. Great customer service. If you ever needed help they would get to you less than 5 mins. Living here for about a year now. GREAT room size and GREAT area for such price. Highly recommend

Review №8


Management needs work. No one is ever in office to do there jobs. Youll have to leave about 2-3 voicemails before actually receiving a call back. Paid a check out to them on the first my online account wasn’t updated until the 30th. I was told “no one was in office to do the mail”. Unorganized, unresponsive, & unprofessional.

Review №9


Roach infested mouse infested a little behind on payments because of covid and they are trying to evict me even though I have been paying what I can. They dont upkeep property well. Charge wayyyy too much for a one bedroom. Look for other apartments only use here as last resort.

Review №10


Don’t ever rent from them !!! They charge you 3 months rent & your security deposit to leave after you already paid your rent on time for a year. They RENEW YOUR LEASE FOR A YEAR without asking you if you don’t write a letter 60 days before your lease is up! I’ve never heard of that in my life, renewing a lease for a year without someone written permission! Unbelievable! Now you are stuck in this disgusting apartment infested with roaches!! I can’t stay here.

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